HubSpot’s Operations Hub: Tools and Benefits

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HubSpot’s Operations Hub: Tools and Benefits

Recently, HubSpot announced the fifth hub addition to its CRM platform. The Operations Hub, joining the Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS hub, is aimed at enabling ops teams to better direct growth and revenue.

The Operations Hub gives operations teams the tools that make them central to growth; connecting apps, cleaning customer data, and automating business processes under one CRM.

For companies that want to deliver a seamless customer experience, having a unified toolset is critical. In this post, we’ll dive into the benefits of HubSpot’s new hub and examine what makes it a good fit for efficient, adaptable businesses.


Capabilities at Operations Hub

HubSpot has introduced four main capabilities with the new product:


  • Flexible automation of business processes from territory management and lead rotation to post-sale handoffs and renewals.
  • The adoption of data sync tools can sync customer data between applications to certify they are up to date.
  • The creation of workflows that automatically update key data points, providing customer-facing teams with a single, unified truth.
  • Ability to scale: Operations Hub customers will get expansions to their existing limits on reports, lists and workflows.



These are some of the Operations Hub tools that help companies grow better by enabling their systems to work together:


Data sync

This no-code package keeps your data and apps in sync in an easy, stress-free way. It provides you with features like bidirectional sync, custom field mappings, filtering, and historical syncing; enabling all your teams to stay aligned.


Custom properties

This tool gives you the flexibility to store and customise all of your data within HubSpot. Not only can you examine and survey all of your property data into detailed reports, but you can also build custom dashboards that enable you to share poignant insights with your team.


Data quality automation

With data quality automation, businesses can eliminate time-consuming data cleanup practices. This tool allows you to automatically fix date properties, format names, and utilise their plethora of unique automations.


Is Operations Hub for you?

The new HubSpot CRM offering is directed at companies that are beginning to unite a variety of operations teams within sales, marketing, and services groups to create a single revenue operations (Revenue Ops or RevOps) organisation.

Operations Hub enables marketing to embrace marketing technology at its core, in turn, making the people who run MarTech more important within company operations and in the matter of strategic decision making. A tool like Operations Hub is likely to raise their profile – and the growing portrait of RevOps – even higher.

Ultimately, Operations Hub makes it fundamentally possible for businesses to unify a flywheel of processes that all tie into the same content management system.

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