Job – Social Media Executive

Websfarm is a Digital Business Automation company based in UK, London with a global reach. Our core teams is to build Digital Business for companies through the Digital Inbound Philosophy.

At Websfarm Ltd, you can expect an energetic working environment in our London office.

Your role will see you primarily create, develop and coordinate the Entire Social Media Funnel, organic e Adv in ensemble with the graphics team.
Naturally, you will be highly experienced in web technologies but the successful candidate will also be friendly, approachable and have a good sense of humour!

The position is in Smart Working

The Role

Key responsibilities:

• Develops and executes editorial calendars, comparing the broad strategic scope of each individual project, sharing the objectives coming from the other Digital channels
• Develop highly engaging, creative and innovative content regularly according to editorial plans,
• The developed contents engage audiences and promote / protect brands according to entrepreneurial metrics and which recognize the values ​​dictated by the brands
• It develops and builds excellent relationships with the key members of the group
• Work with the Advertiser team to broadcast campaigns with Multi-Channel rules
• Create and analyze reports of all Social Media channels generating Kpi
• Analyzes the social presence of the Brands and implements strategic plans shared with the company’s key players
• Maintains and recognizes the guidelines of the brands entrusted, on all platforms
• Maintains and recognizes, for each brand entrusted, the products, the target, the communication
• Knows and applies inbound marketing methodologies
• Knows and applies Link Building methodologies
• Knows and applies Lead Acquisition methodologies Skills

Required skills:

• Creative thinking that excels in copywriting
• Passion and empathy for customers and brands
• Strong interpersonal identity and excellent relationship-building skills
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and in writing
• Problem Solver
• Skilled in carrying out procedures, working in a team
• Excellent attention to detail
• Deep knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn platforms – from a strategic and analytical point of view

• At least 1 year in a structured Digital Agency
• At least 2 years of experience in Social Media
• At least 3 years of content development

What we offer:
• Compensation in line with the market

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