What is Business Automation?

Business Automation methodically replaces manual processes with intelligent rules-driven automation, just-in-time analytics, and open collaboration. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve Digital Transformation, increase service quality, and improve service delivery while containing costs

Business Automation Examples

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders need time, attention, and consistent back-and-forth between team members. Automation can help you: 

  • Speed up PO approval
  • Heighten productivity 
  • Reduce incompleteness and PO mistakes
  • Reduce delivery errors

Business process automation can improve the accuracy of your data, how you record it, and how you relay it to your stakeholders. Moreover, it will retain all communication within the system to make execution more straightforward and faster.  


Employee Onboarding

Hiring employees involves a lot of paperwork. From filling out employee information forms to setting up bank accounts to arranging training sessions, it takes precious time from everyone involved. Applying business process automation to employee onboarding will secure a smooth transition between onboarding stages while providing visibility into the process itself. 


What about traditional business process automation and management?

Business Process Automation (BPA) is not to be confused with Business Process Management (BPM). While business process automation automates recurring tasks and manual processes with technology, business process management is the broader discipline involving the management of complex organisation-wide processes. BPA and BPM need to work together to satisfy your digital transformation, but that’s not all. 

In today’s climate, traditional business process automation and management is not enough. In the past, automating your business to cut costs and increase efficiency was sufficient, but today, business automation software needs to engage with external customers and create new business opportunities. Companies need to develop new strategies to automate the business itself, for instance, teaming up with IT developers to develop process-driven apps specifically for your company.


Why should you automate business processes?

Business automation enables you to gather all the aspects of your company’s workflow into one or more dashboards so that you can monitor your processes in action. By consolidating the information collected from the workflow process, business automation lets you make educated decisions and gives a clear timetable to your stakeholders—making sure detail, time, and accountability aren’t lost. Take control over the ins and outs of your company, and what steps need to take place to meet your goals. 


What are the benefits of Business Automation?

By automating the manual, paper-based, administrative tasks in your business, you will reduce the amount of time and energy spent on extra activities, and human error. Business automation software centralises the entire process, saving you undirected communication, rewrites, delayed timelines, and frustration.  

Increasingly, business process automation solutions utilise Artificial Intelligence to better understand and adapt to unregulated databases, paving the way for heightened user interaction and experience. 

Implementing Business Automation


The Business Automation tool itself will not guarantee success.
You will still need to be practical about your business automation implementation (or you can talk to one of our business automation consultants). Here are some pointers on how you can make BPA a success: 

  • Start understanding what tasks need to be automated, what they involve and who is responsible for them
  • Make your business goals clear from the beginning
  • Measure results in stages, not overnight 
  • Invest in training your employees to adapt to the new software and factor in an adjustment period
  • Adopt a long-term outlook 
  • Use readymade solutions when applicable  

Business Automation Benefits

  • Manage and maintain company KPIs
  • Streamline human resources and onboarding
  • Manage customer service and telemarketing
  • Create meetings, presentations, webinars
  • Easily generate forms and surveys
  • Automate administrative processes
  • Automate file transfers
  • Automate reports
  • Automate order entries
  • Automate claim processes
  • Automate spreadsheets
  • Seamless Business Integration
  • Browser Automation
  • Automated ERP
  • Automated Microsoft applications


Websfarm Method

Business process automation extends your IT system to automate processes tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation. Knowing how to customise these processes to your specific business needs, however, can be costly and time-consuming. Business automation specialists can help provide software solutions to identify and then fit your company’s particular needs. Our method: aligning your exact business needs with business process automation solutions, because there is a business automation solution for every business.  

We believe that business process automation systems enable business efficiency. Since business process automation is based on the notion of continuous process improvement, efficiency levels will keep increasing in response. If implemented pragmatically, you can expect to see multiple benefits.


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