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Websfarm is a Digital Business Automation company based in UK, London with a global reach. Our core teams is to build Digital Business for companies through the Digital Inbound Philosophy.

At Websfarm Ltd, you can expect an energetic working environment in our London office.

Your role will see you primarily create, develop and coordinate the Entire Social Media Funnel, organic e Adv in ensemble with the graphics team.
Naturally, you will be highly experienced in web technologies but the successful candidate will also be friendly, approachable and have a good sense of humour!

The position is in Smart Working

The Role

Role Description
The Account Manager will be responsible for the management of our existing customer accounts.

The successful candidate will work to ensure our existing clients are satisfied with the services and/or products provided. The candidate will collaborate with our Consultancy staff to develop relationships with their clients, and assist in commercial discussions. They will aid Business Development Manager to identify new clients and business opportunities within our existing customer base.
The candidates day to day responsibility will involve the management of our App customers, and ensuring they are receiving a quality service and product.

Previous Experience
The successful candidate must have previous experience in a similar role. They must have worked in a Digital, Technology, or consultancy organisation.
They must have a strong understanding of account management and business development. The candidate must have a strong focus on relationship management, and understand the difference between account management and sales.

Account Management
Responsible for:

  • Proactively managing a portfolio of clients
  • Fostering long-term client relationships through frequent contact (via telephone, email and face-to-face meetings)
  • Scheduling and attending client meetings for account reviews
  • Relaying strategic direction to customers
  • Ensuring our clients receive the services they have contractually agreed
  • Listening to the needs of the clients and clearing articulating suitable solutions
  • Working with our existing clients to maximise retention
  • Understanding client disengagement and creating a re-engagement plan
  • Upselling to existing clients and demonstrating tangibly the value proposition
  • Leading on the management of customer complaints, with support of service delivery
  • Leading on obtaining customer feedback
  • Increasing client engagement with the App, and other services (annual and consultancy)
  • Calling on experts within the business to aid in the upselling of services or products
  • Working with experts to utilise the appropriate skills to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Working closely with the Business Development Manager to deliver the commercial targets
  • Working with our consultants to enhance and achieve sales targets
  • Daily administration of the CRM system
  • Forecasting and reporting against sales objectives and targets

Account Strategy 

  • Support the strategic development of the businesses product offering
  • Leading on the strategic development of internal account operations
  • Supporting the sustainable growth of our customer accounts
  • Proactively recommending areas of improvement
  • Liaising with colleagues to promote your ideas

Professional Development Responsibilities 

  • Continuously making recommendations on areas of improvement or development
  • Driving personal continued professional development in line with the business objectives
  • Providing training and support to colleagues within the business
  • To undertake any other duties as reasonably required
  • To work with other departments and colleagues to aid the successful completion of business priorities
  • To work effectively
  • To pull on suitable experience to handle multiple deadlines simultaneously
  • To showcase excellent organisational skills
  • To think on your feet and use your initiative
  • To be fluent in written and verbal English
  • To maintain an enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • To maintain strong interpersonal skills required to build relationships
  • To have a personable disposition


  • account management: 4 years
  • Consultancy: 2 years
  • Technology : 2 years (Preferred)
  • Business Development: 2 years

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