The Top 5 Lead Generation Trends of 2022

The Top 5 Lead Generation Trends of 2022

The rise of technological advances in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation are all benefiting areas like sales, marketing and customer service.

The ways businesses generate their leads, however, will shift depending on the tools available. Today and into the future, lead generation will begin to take on an entirely new approach, as more and more advanced lead generation technology trends forge a new path.

To adapt to new tech and continue to find and convert leads, companies need to consider the top lead generation technology trends of 2021 and beyond.


What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding and converting visitors or prospects into someone who has expressed interest in your company’s service or product. Lead generators can take on various forms, such as blog posts, online content, form submission, e-newsletter lists, etc.


Top lead generation trends of 2021

These are the trends you should be paying attention to this year.


1. Buyer intent data boosts outreach

Buyer intent data is a buildup of data that reveals the buyer’s intent in areas such as the buying cycle and where they’re positioned within it. This type of data gives businesses an aerial view of their customers; establishing information like where they’re going and what they’re doing.

Buyer intent data can speed up the sales process by supplying comprehensive information about what prospects want and what their pain points are, therefore allowing businesses to highly personalise their outreach efforts and increase conversions.


2. Increased customer retention

Customer-centric company cultures will continue to rise as customers’ brand expectations persist to revolve around customer experience. Customer-centric marketing involves aligning your company around the wants and needs of the customer above all else.

Businesses that adopt a customer-centric mentality should see an increase in their customer retention due to their ability to target specific consumers that they want to convert rather than targeting everyone.


3. Video prevails

Video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs and infographics. In fact, experts predict that by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be devoted to video content.

Marketers already use video marketing to build their brands, increase engagement, share testimonials, and provide detailed product demos. For lead generation, videos can not only improve website traffic but also increase ROI. According to HubSpot, 80% of video marketers claim that video has directly increased sales.”

Video usage for lead generation will only explode in 2021, due to the combination of the growth of video consumption mixed with the overall lack of in-person meetings.


4. Automation takes off

Automation will inherently change the way all industry operates, not to mention lead generation. Tasks that were once redundant are now being automated. Smart businesses will leverage automation for the tasks that are easily automated, and in effect spend more time focused on high-value tasks.

For lead generation, this could mean: listening more intently to prospects, singling out their pain points, and working together to find a solution to their problem. A few automation tools that can improve lead generation efforts include:


  • Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can answer questions, inform prospects, distribute resources, and even qualify leads by asking them about their job title, organisation, and what their pain points are.
  • Nurturing leads: Automation tools can nurture leads through strategies like retargeting and email drip campaigns.
  • Integrations: Through tool integrations, leads can be pushed directly into your CRM and even be assigned a salesperson. This way, sales can focus on closing more deals.


5. Greater alignment between sales and marketing

Did you know that 87% of sales and marketing leaders say collaboration between sales and marketing enables critical business growth? That means in some cases, businesses can profit by simply better aligning their sales and marketing teams around shared goals.

When considering lead generation strategies, sales and marketing need to be in constant communication. The number one thing sales reps say they need from marketing?

Higher lead quality.

Not only do sales and marketing teams need to communicate, they need to align themselves around similar metrics, whilst helping each other understand their respective challenges. When this happens, revenue will be sure to increase, as well as universal company morale.



This year presents a tremendous opportunity to leverage new technology and try new tools, for companies that rely on dependable lead generation tactics.

As well as being more successful at generating leads, trends like automation, personalisation, video, and sales and marketing alignment can also better the quality of leads. Because the top priority for marketers is generating leads, having better quality leads to hand over to the sales team is a win-win.

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