What’s New in HubSpot’s Software

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What’s New in HubSpot’s Software

One thing we can all agree on is that nowadays, companies are under a lot of scrutiny due to how they’re handling themselves in the new normal. This can range from how socially conscious they are, to how much a brand aligns itself with its messaging. To thrive as a business, HubSpot believes that companies need to fundamentally change how they market. That’s why HubSpot revealed its new Sales Hub Enterprise CRM among other updates at Inbound 2020, to help companies personalise their marketing and storytelling to attract and engage key contacts.

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Update 1: HubSpot CRM Powered Marketing


HubSpot’s new marketing tools such as Custom Objects, behavioural events and scheduled emails encourage companies to produce and distribute unique and interesting content for the user. Thanks to specified CRM data, each customer can be treated as a special, valuable customer.


Update 2: Flexible Dashboards


This new feature allows users to view their most important metrics and get an overview of their overall business performance in a quick and visually appealing way.


Update 3: HubSpot CRM Powered Ads


Most ads are optimised to get clicks, not to convert new leads into customers. However, with the HubSpot update, it is now possible to send any change in CRM status to Google, including conversions that happen offline, to improve the algorithmic targeting of your audience.


Update 4: Performance Reporting


The Performance Reporting feature grants the user access to 10 different data sources in a single workspace. This allows users to answer key business questions more easily and stay on top of their goals.


Update 5: CMS Hub


The hub allows users to manage their website directly through HubSpot, and improve their positioning on search engines due to the countless reports for content optimisation. CMS Hub Enterprise also allows users to develop interactive experiences, while developers can create flexible content management tools to avoid having to intervene on pages.


Update 6: Service Hub


The Service Hub updates will help to consolidate teams and channels, improving support through self-service and automation; allowing your business to continue to delight customers.


Update 7: Advanced Team Management Functionality

in addition to a renewed integration with Jira, this functionality allows managers to quickly check which teams are available and change chat statuses to improve user experience.


Update 8: Visitor Identification and Ticket Sidebar

This update enables you to now identify users who are logged into the site while chatting with the team and view the conversation history to provide personalised and efficient service. The Ticket Sidebar helps you understand If a customer is associated with a ticket, which allows businesses to see all the relevant information and update it in real-time using the same chat screen.


Update 9: Custom Bot Templates and Ticket Status Automation

These new bot templates grant you the ability to manage service-based conversations like answering FAQs or providing information regarding opening hours. When integrated with the new ticket status automation feature, you can send automatic messages whenever the ticket is updated.


Update 10: Multi-Language Knowledge-Base

HubSpot has added the ability to translate knowledge-based content into 25 different languages, to better serve companies that work with an international clientele.


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