Why Time Management Matters More in the Digital Age

Why Time Management Matters More in the Digital Age

Digital has come to change the world as we know it. Digital transformations in technology and communication and work tools have made it possible to make better use of our time and automate the tasks that took too much of it. However, with all of these new tools digital has made available, there is a growing need for organisations to put time back into perspective. For instance, tools that free up our time also bend time in a way that makes people think it’s infinite. Having access to these ‘time-saver’ tools impacts companies because they think they can endlessly extend the workday, without keeping tabs on company organisation, management, and time management.


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Technology forgets time

Leaders of any business become successful because they can focus on one thing at a time. Today’s technology, however, allows employees and executives to focus on many things at once; hindering the level of concentration and depth an employee can bring to any given task. Because tech distorts time, it is the responsibility of the company or employee to take control of their time and learn the skills to best manage it. Time management coaching can enable you to organise your time around your needs, in order for you to exercise conscious control over your time, as opposed to technology exercising it for you.

Information management

Digital technology grants people immediate access to anything they want to see, hear or read. Because of this, time management in a digital scope is really about information management; how much information we can handle in any given amount of time. As much as digital transformations in technology can save time, they can also distract and interrupt people with tasks that are not priorities. When one is too overwhelmed with information, they lose sight of their priorities and how to organise their work.

Collective human discipline

When one manages his/her time, other people will manage theirs. Time management is a collective discipline that involves building a framework of shared good practices that is understood by everyone, in order to make the most out of each other’s time. It’s about politeness and respect for everyone’s time, as well as respecting your own. Because digital tech can make any interaction less personal, managing how to respect other people’s time will automatically give you a human understanding that your technology doesn’t have. In addition, time management strategies have the ability to demonstrate the impact you make with your time, and how much you impact others’.

Time Management does not equal less engagement

Interestingly, being accessible 24/7 has become a new norm for employees and companies, and is behaviour that is often awarded as excellent customer engagement. However, with effective time management methods, employees should be able to finish their workload during office hours, without needing to bring work home every night. When we are ‘always on’ we are actually never on. This means that we are unable to see the real issues with how we spend our time, or where we lost it. The consequences of poorly managed time may equal higher employee engagement, but properly managed time does not equate to less engagement; it simply equates to better quality engagements, that can be worked into the employee’s office hours. For after-hours engagements, there is a digital solution: chatbots.

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Business coaching and time management company, We can bolster your skills to best suit your company’s digital transformation. Digital businesses that overlook the importance of time management will sink mid-swim, due to the endless amount of information and solicitations thrust upon employees and companies daily. Time management coaching ensures that your level of productivity grows sustainably while keeping you in touch with your humanity. Not only will you grow your skills and your business, but you will also strengthen your ability to navigate time in a realistic, professional and pragmatic way.

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