How User Behaviour Analytics Increases CX

How User Behaviour Analytics Increases CX

There are innumerable benefits for businesses in any industry to use Behavioral Analytics. After all, the more you know about your customer/user, the better equipped you will be to improve your CX (Customer Experience), which is how customers feel about their interactions with your company.

This process will lead to a growth in your business, as your company will be engaged with its customers at every point of their buying journey.

What is user behaviour?

User behaviour consists of all actions visitors take on a website. It includes how they navigate and scroll on the pages, where they click on, what page they spend the most time looking at and  at what moment and where they leave the website.  

User behaviour analytics tools 

  • Overview of the leads and companies: you can see the total number of leads in each day, month, year as well as look at the exact times those leads visited your website, how long they stayed on, which pages they visited and so on. Also gathers information about each company that visits your website, their industry, website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, Company Business ID, their Revenue, and much more. 
  • Integration with CRM: you will have access to all the data that will be collected and stored on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system of your choice. You will be able to operate outside your website information like:
    how your company is contacting people, phone numbers, emails and so on.
  • Flux and Funnel pages: the flux page gives you information about the performance of the pages on your website. Through the flux, you are able to recognise and have access to all data from the moment a person/company lands on your website until they leave. The funnel page is about the behaviour of the person/company on each session on your website, how they move inside your website from one page to another. 
  • Company geolocalization: identify where your website visitors are from and quickly provide you with their address and telephone number. You will be able to know what countries you are reaching out to and based on that you can direct your marketing efforts and check if you are on the right path. 
  • Real-time event: you can have the analytics information at the same moment that the events happen. If a company lands on your website while you are having a real-time event you will know in a few seconds. This way you can engage with the company in real-time and produce different results like creating a marketing automation action.    

4 crucial benefits


  • Increase customer retention

Another important way that leading companies are using behavioral data and analytics is to increase customer retention. Through customer behaviour analytics and segmentation software, you can measure how valuable your product or service is for that user and then make plans and have strategies to reach your goals.     


  • Develop Sales Funnel

To be capable of classifying the stages from MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), giving the Marketing and Sales Team the chance to engage and interact with them. Also provides solutions to all businesses as it is capable of labelling and giving the people/company a score based on where exactly they are on their B.A.N.T. (which stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timing) journey. 


  • Expand lead generation

Recognises people/companies on your website before they have even clicked or subscribed to anything. Through Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence techniques you are able to know data like: Company, Industry, City, Area, Country, Source, Website and much more.


  • Increment lead acquisition

Before the unknown prospect takes any action on your website, recognise people/companies and act strategically so that you can not only increase your leads, but also improve your content based on who is interacting with your content and what pages are the most seen.

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