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04 August 2020

What are the primary forms of media used within your content strategy ?

It is not simple to forget the size of the less traditional DigitalMarkets. The original TikTok app hit 500 million global monthly active users in mid-2018, thanks mainly to China ’s socialmedia video. TikTok has continued to grow in popularity since then at a rapid rate. Wallaroo estimated that TikTok would have increased its user base to 800 million since then.

29 July 2020

What are the primary forms of media used within your content strategy ?

Hubspot, the Business Automation Platform confirms the trends. In order to Increase your Lead Acquisition and Generation KPI your Marketing needs Digital Video and Downloadable contents

Source Hubspot

28 July 2020

Forecast Collaboration Software Revenue

Instant Messaging Users, Worldwide, in July 2020,
Two billion users were accessing the #WhatsApp on a monthly basis #Wordlwide. The #MobileApp reach is one of the most popular #mobilesocial apps worldwide. In February 2014, #socialnetwork Facebook acquired the mobile app for 19 billion U.S. dollars.
Since the appearance of smartphone and the subsequent explosion of mobile apps, low-cost or #freechat and social messaging apps have proven themselves as a cheap alternative to operator-based text messaging via #SMS. Read More!
Source July 2020

27 July 2020

Forecast Collaboration Software Revenue

Email Marketing benefits:
The graphs shows the benefits of the Email Marketing Automation.

Email automation is a way to Manage emails that touch the right people at the right moment, with the right message.
The automation of Email reduce the Marketing Team efforts and conquer a secure interest for the reader.

The process is not only a good email marketing platform, it is also a Model based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales. Marketing Sales and Technologies work always in target and in team.

Source July 2020

24 July 2020

Forecast Collaboration Software Revenue

The “Revenue” box shows the historical and forecasted revenue development of the selected market (market segment, region) for each year.
Revenue in the Collaboration Software segment is projected to reach £9,435.22m in 2020.

Source July 2020

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